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1979 born in Beijing, China
lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Jia graduated  from the architecture faculty of North China University of Technology in 2003 and finished her studies as M.A. in Traditional Chinese Drama at the Graduate Faculty of the Chinese National Academy of Arts in 2008 (both Beijing, China). Showing since 2002, she presented her political work mostly in the Western Countries, first time in Berlin with her work lu, a one time collateral event of the Berlin Biennale 2012. Jia’s text, photo, video works and projects address Traditional Chinese Painting, literature and gestures with an universal approach at the same time, referring always to her own biography. Jia opened a second studio in Berlin in 2012 besides her first one in Beijing.

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w/ JIA
6 Jul – 31 Aug 2018


lost highway
29 Apr – 17 Jun 2017

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